What's it like having you be our Photographer?

Like having an extra friend there with you on the day. I always aim to create relationships with my clients prior to the wedding day or special occasion, so when when the day comes, I feel more like a best friend, rather than a vendor. I feel I do my best work when we have a connection, and that's not only what I deserve, but you too.

Do you travel for Weddings & Sessions?

Yes, whilst I am based in North Cornwall, I have been lucky to travel all over the world for weddings and love stories. Travel has always been a passion of mine, so when I can combine it with photographing a love story, it’s an added bonus for me. If you are planning a destination wedding, I would love to hear from you. Some of my favourite places I have photographed love stories in are Scotland, Iceland, Greece, Spain and Italy to name a few.

How many weddings do you photograph a year and how can we book you for ours?

I take pride in only taking on a limited amount of work each year. This number does not exceed 25. This is so I can maintain providing each individual client the attention and care they deserve whilst maintaining a work-life balance. This results in quick turn around times for images, along with being there for those who need me most. I typically book out anywhere from a year in advance to several months before depending on the type of event.

What is your turnaround time?

Because I take on a limited amount of jobs per year, this allows me to have a low turnaround time. However, the turnaround depends on how much I shoot, how busy I am, my travel schedule, and the holidays. Typically, for sessions it takes 4 weeks or less and weddings take 8 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you as soon as possible while making sure I give time to each and every image needs. But don't worry, I always include some sneak peeks and highlight reel of images to share with friends and family while you wait!

How many images will we receive?

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture throughout the day. I don’t like to give a specific number but typically a wedding can consist of no less than 500 images for example. These are your memories and I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives and to tell your story effectively. I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to your final product, and won't leave anything important out.

Do you give our raw images & unedited images?

No, I don't as I believe the editing is half the magic of your final images and without that, your images are not fully complete. If I have sent over an image that is in Black and White and you would prefer it in colour, I am happy to send a coloured copy along to you, however keeping in mind, your wedding will include a selection of both colour and black and white, and most cases, I have made it black and white simply because the image is more powerful this way.

Do you offer Albums & Prints?

I happily offer both! I use an amazing online gallery platform that allows you the freedom to create your own wedding album along with a variety of other great items such as thank you cards and of course, your prints.. You are also granted the full rights to print your images yourself and create your own album if you’d like separately.

Do you recommend a Second Photographer?

I like to say I do my best work alone as it allows me the creative space to carry out what I am hired to do, however I recommend considering a second set of hands should you have a tight timeline that would prevent me from being in two places at once( however hopefully we can work together to develop at timeline that avoids this ) or for weddings that exceed 200 guests.

Can you recommend some great vendors to work with?

Absolutely. I have been so fortunate to have worked with some incredible talent in the industry and would be happy to share recommendations with you.

Is it okay if guests take photos at the wedding?

Absolutely, its an exciting day to be a part of. I just recommend that you consider having an unplugged ceremony. I would love to capture all the beautiful emotions on the faces of your friends and families, and its not always possible with screen in the way. What I like to say is, sometimes great things are worth waiting for, would you rather iPhone photos of your wedding, or the photos you are investing in?

It will always benefit your day and your final result when I am given the creative space to carry out what you've hired me to do.

How do Travel expenses work?

My travel fees are included in all of my packages so you don't have to worry about any extra and unexpected costs.

How do we book you in and what happens after?

If I am lucky to have been chosen by you, the booking process is fairly simply and relaxed on my end. I require a 30% non refundable retainer of your chosen package upon booking and this goes towards all the work I put into your day before it happens - including emails, location scouting, and reserving your day along with a signed agreement. After these are received, your date becomes unavailable to anyone else. The remaining balance is due 1 month prior to your chosen date. I also like to send all my couples some information to help plan their wedding from a photography point of view. There are a few things that can often be overlooked in the stresses of planning a day, everything from tips and tricks to helping you develop a timeline that will ensure I am able to do what I do. Being included in the plans of my couples is something that I absolutely enjoy about the process and I always want to ensure we all get the best out of this experience together.