When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer it's about more than their photos, so read on to learn a little bit more about me...

About Me

I'm Ash, a creative and adventurous girl originally from Canada. Love brought me to England. I currently reside on the North Coast of Cornwall.

I am so passionate about what I do and even more so about the people who let me into their lives and allow me to document their special and intimate moments.

When I'm not photographing weddings and couples, I continue to shoot personal work, travel, and work on other creative interests.

Lover of: A great glass of red, a good book and an open fire.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” - Ansel Adams

Some things that I love


So much can be said about travel, how good it is for the soul, the mind, and the body. I love exploring new places and even the same places to see it with new eyes. I fell in love with Landscape photography after seeing Ansel Adam photos throughout my home when I was younger. My job allows me the freedom to travel and capture Earth's raw beauty and I could't be more thankful for that.


Some things that I love

Antiquarian Books

I absolutely love collecting Antiquarian books. My collection is ever growing, and you will always find me with my nose in a book reading, or in a shop hunting for specific titles. I have always loved books and the ability to be transported into another world while reading them. Books are certainly an inward journey, and I enjoy finding the oldest ones I can, thinking of all all the people who may of been in possession of it until it found its way to me.


Some things that I love


I have always had a deep love for horses. I competitively rode when I was younger, as well as just for fun. Country and English style. I always try to get out for a ride when I'm travelling. It's one of the best ways to tour around. They are such beautiful and intelligent creatures. And they find themselves in front of my lens more often than not


Some things that I love

Jungle Living

All things plants. I think plants are really good for the soul. You are taking care of something, but you are also taking care of yourself in the process. I won't mind my home turning into a jungle. I follow a plant based diet, and continue to buy far too many plants than my house can hold.


Some things that I love


We met in Scotland and have been best friends ever since. We make each other laugh and are the goofiest when we are together. He's an incredible creative himself, a pretty good surfer and brings me back vintage wine from his fishing trips to France. Talk about a total catch. But in all seriousness aside, he's been an incredible mentor to me, keeps me grounded and we live in cute little home by the coast together.


Booking & Availability

NOW BOOKING FOR 2020 & 2021

If you think we'd make a great fit and you are considering me to photograph your wedding, engagement shoot or something else, then I would love to hear your plans and more about you! This is a great way for me to let you know more about me, how I work, and how I can add value to your experience. Just reach out to me on my contact form and lets get started.


My approach is laid-back, unobtrusive and natural. I want your images to be timeless, and my editing style is reflective of that. My goal will always be to capture your love in an authentic way, to capture the organic and the raw, genuine emotions of your wedding day. I appreciate all of the in-between moments that may otherwise go unnoticed- the moments that are not forced, or posed. I can be a fly on the wall at times, and I can also be in the middle of the dance floor. I won’t make you feel like anything is forced, or posed. I want you to relax and be yourselves. My style is focused on real moments. I will help direct you on the day, but I rather you both be present with one another and focused on your family and friends. We are in this together, I won’t leave you stranded.