We met in Scotland and have been best friends ever since. We make each other laugh and are definitely the goofiest when together. He's also an incredible photographer as well and a pretty good surfer. He also brings me back vintage wine from his fishing trips to France. Total catch ( see what I did there! ) But all jokes aside, he has been an incredible mentor and friend and we live in a cute little house by the coast.

I suppose it goes hand in hand living by the ocean. Whether its on the Cornish Coast, the far North reaches of Scotland, or somewhere where I don't need a wetsuit,  I love being in the ocean, whether I am surfing, photographing, or swimming. I have been luck that surf and the sea has taken me to some incredible places, with plenty to see still. 

I have always had a deep love and connection to horses. I competitively rode when I was younger, everything from Barrel racing, eventing to dressage. Some my fondest memories are from being in the saddle. One of my favourite things to do is get out for a ride whenever I am travelling. Its a beautiful and fun way to see new sights. I am, and forever will be in total awe of these animals!

I am an antiquarian book lover, and well, lover of all antiques really! I always joke that if I could be doing anything else, it would probably be owning a little antique shop somewhere. I love going to old stately homes, admiring all that has transpired in the spaces I find myself standing in. 

Life takes me to some incredible places. But there is nothing more comforting than being home. I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.  It's certainly not a place I ever feel the need to escape from. I love exploring around the coast whilst looking for new and exciting places to care about. 

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