About me...

Hello! I am Ash, a creative and adventurous girl originally from Canada and love brought me to the South Coast of England.

As a child, I was always into the arts and was a creative from the get go. My parents could never seem to get me in from the outdoors as I has a deep love for nature. Because of this,  I grew up wanting to explore and travel the world, often being spontaneous and heading to places no one had heard before. Because of travel, I developed my passion for landscapes, which I now enjoy incorporating into my wedding photography.  When I am not photographing weddings, I continue to shoot personal work, travel, watch movies, surf and work on other creative interests.


I have always been a romantic, finding myself drawn to poetry, novels and films. I believe I have finally found what makes my heart most full and that is photographing love. It is immensely rewarding to have the opportunity to share special moments with two people on their most important day. I strive to capture emotion and moments of happiness and most importantly, love through storytelling.


I am in love with love ( and horses )

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